New Holding Pattern App for Pilots Is the First of Its Kind to Include Wind Computations


DALLAS, May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Aviation Mobile Apps has launched Holding Pattern Computer for iOS, an app that goes a step beyond others in its category. Unlike other holding pattern apps, Holding Pattern Computer takes the wind into account and makes all the calculations that a pilot needs to fly a perfectly timed holding pattern. Photo -

Whereas other holding pattern apps simply suggest an appropriate entry procedure -- direct, parallel or teardrop -- Holding Pattern Computer also calculates whether to turn left or right, which course and heading to maintain, and how long to fly a heading before initiating a standard-rate turn.

The app is ideal for less seasoned pilots and those training for their instrument rating who need to quickly calculate wind correction angles, course, headings and required timings. Holding Pattern Computer's detailed calculations also provide a great cross-check for more experienced pilots who perform these calculations mentally. The app also helps the pilot remain oriented to the aircraft's relative position to the pattern, to magnetic north, and to any effects of wind.

"We built The Aviation Holding Pattern Computer for easy use in flight," said Bill DeWeese, who is the founder of Aviation Mobile Apps, LLC. "As a pilot, I noticed a lack of flexibility in other holding pattern apps, especially in regards to wind conditions, so we built one that is easier to use and can support all the calculations a pilot would need in a single app."

The hold screen allows users to set the inbound radial, course or bearing of the fix and to select whether the turns in the holding pattern are standard right-hand turns or non-standard left-hand turns. By using either a numeric on-screen keyboard or a rotating dial operated with one finger, pilots can set the inbound leg, and to set and change turns and fix type.

The app also includes detailed screens for setting aircraft heading and true airspeed, which the calculator uses along with wind data to determine ground speed, wind correction angles and the perfect length and heading of the outbound leg. Additionally, the app supports inbound leg lengths expressed in both time or distance, and the wind correction calculations make it possible to fly an outbound leg that will enable pilots to intercept the inbound leg with a neat standard-rate turn every time.

For more information, visit or download the app on the Apple App Store.

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