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Aviation Mobile Apps, LLC. is a provider of public apps for pilots and private enterprise-grade mobile app development for the aviation industry. Apps for recreational and commercial pilots include myE6B Aviation Calculator, METARs Aviation Weather, GPS Coordinate Converter, and Holding Pattern Computer.

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About Our Founder, William DeWeese

In his current role, DeWeese is founder and CEO of the aerospace company Aviation Mobile APPs, LLC.  DeWeese drives the company’s strategy and operations and is responsible for the company’s mobile applications development and management.

Prior to Aviation Mobile Apps, DeWeese served in a research and development role for AirWatch by VMware, the largest enterprise mobility management provider in terms of revenue, customers and employees. DeWeese is listed as an inventor on 8 United States patents or patent applications related to a range of mobile software technologies.

DeWeese has nearly 20 years of technology experience and has held various roles at public, private and non-profit companies, including information technology manager at DynCorp International, solutions architect at First American Field Services; architect and senior developer at Aptitude Solutions (American Pioneer); architect and senior developer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Northeast PA; communication technologies director at Digital Clone; IT manager at Galaxy Call Corp., Inc. and programmer analyst at ICS Learning Systems, Inc.

DeWeese attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and earned his private pilot certificate in 2004.

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Bill DeWeese Aviation Mobile Apps, LLC. Dallas | Atlanta | Miami media@AviationMobileApps.com (800) 207-7142

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