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If you want to perform flight calculations, get aviation weather alerts, fly the perfect holding pattern, or convert just about anything, we have an app for that!


E6B Aviation Calculator

An essential for pre-flight planning and in-flight problem solving.  Includes 75+ aviation related calculations, unit converters, weather reports, and advanced fuel planning.

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METARs Aviation Weather

 METAR & TAF reports with a robust alerting system. Monitors changing flight categories and notifies you based on alert conditions you choose. iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV

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GPS Coordinate Converter

Converts geographic coordinate formats, and measures distance and bearing between coordinates.  Converts 8 formats including latitude and longitude, decimal degrees, degrees-minutes-seconds, degrees and decimal minutes, MGRS, UTM, ARINC 424 and FMS style coordinates.

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Holding Pattern Computer

This advanced holding pattern computer calculates wind correction angles, headings, and timing, given the fix, your speed, and virtually any wind direction and velocity. 

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Time Calculator For Pilots

Built for quick data entry of hours, minutes and seconds. Features adding machine style calculation history, making it perfect for flight plan or navigation log routing segments.

Add, Subtract, Multiply, & Divide Time →


Aviation Sticker Pack

Fox One, Fox Two, Fox Three! Add fun to your iMessages with this Aviation themed sticker pack including more than 90 iconic military badges, aircraft, airport, pilot lingo, and more.

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A Federal Aviation Regulations app that is always up-to-date, synchronizes your bookmarks and sends you an alert when regulations you care about change.



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In the last seven years we have produced nearly 50 public and private mobile apps and supporting backend systems for the aviation industry, the department of defense, and others.  

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