Aviation Mobile Apps, LLC is a full-services provider of enterprise-grade mobile app development services for the aviation industry. 

Capabilities extend across all stages of the app lifecycle, from initial design through development, deployment and ongoing product management and support.

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Consulting Services

We will work to understand your key business concerns, then leverage our technical expertise to suggest solutions using the latest mobile technology. Our customizable services include working alongside your dev and IT teams to build solutions that drive business transformation.

Design & Development

We develop across all operating systems, frameworks and device types. Complex API development capabilities ensure smooth integration with existing IT infrastructure. Request apps for internal use or for deployment to a wider audience on public app stores.

Accelerated Deployment

Our development process is designed to move apps from concept to beta testing in weeks, not months. Apps are built using industry-leading technology to ensure alignment with your organization’s mobility goals and IT requirements.

METARs Aviation Weather

METARs Aviation Weather provides quick and convenient access to aviation weather reports on your desktop, mobile device, smartwatch or Apple TV. Reports are color coded to the appropriate flight category and displayed in a calendar-style format, helping you to see trends at a glance.


myE6B Aviation Calculator

myE6B Aviation Calculator is an essential for pre-flight planning and in-flight troubleshooting, with more than 75 calculations including time speed and distance and effects of wind, as well as 65+ unit conversions and built-in weather reports.  


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Flexible Delivery

Aviation Mobile Apps provides frameworks that can support public cloud, private cloud, on-premises or hybrid models. Infinite scaling capabilities are delivered in the cloud and on premises, and we offer the flexibility to migrate if your needs change.

Enterprise Architecture

Application development is customized to your IT architecture and needs. Aviation Mobile Apps are built with industry standard technology and are made to be deployed in a highly available, enterprise-grade environment.

Enterprise Integration

Apps securely integrate with AD/LDAP, certificate authorities, email and other enterprise systems in cloud and on-premises environments -- end-to-end Microsoft and Amazon Stacks including DynamoDB, SQL Server, Azure, SharePoint, PowerPivot and more


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Holding Pattern Computer + Wind

This advanced holding pattern computer calculates wind correction angles, headings, and required timings, given the assigned fix, your speed, and virtually any wind direction and velocity. 


It shows which entry procedure is appropriate and helps the pilot remain mentally oriented to the aircraft's relative position to the pattern, to magnetic north, and any effects of wind.  


If you want that perfectly timed inbound leg, then try our holding pattern computer today.



GPS Coordinate Converter

Our GPS Coordinate Converter is an advanced, yet simple to use mobile application designed for converting geographic coordinate formats, and for measuring distance and bearing between coordinates.

Easily and quickly convert between coordinate format styles including:

  • latitude and longitude
  • decimal degrees
  • degrees-minutes-seconds
  • degrees and decimal minutes
  • UTM
  • ARINC 424
  • FMS

This is the highest quality coordinate converter on the market today, plus it measures distance and bearing and includes a database, smart keyboard, bookmarks, and a built-in user guide.



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