Aviation Mobile Apps Launches GPS Coordinate Converter - Easy, Fast Way to Convert Coordinates Between Standard Formats


GPS Coordinate Converter also measures distance and bearing to locations

DALLAS, Sept. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Thanks to Aviation Mobile Apps, pilots now have a faster and simpler way to convert coordinates mid-flight, among other powerful functions. GPS Coordinate Converter (http://gpscoordinateconverter.com/) is so efficient and user friendly that it's easy to overlook its sophistication. Recreational and commercial pilots can download GPS Coordinate Converter today from the App Store.

"This is the highest quality coordinate converter on the market today," says Aviation Mobile Apps Founder Bill DeWeese. "It measures distance and bearing, and includes a database of airports and radio navigation aids, a smart keyboard, bookmarks, and a built-in user guide."


GPS Coordinate Converter is an advanced tool designed to do one job extremely well – convert coordinates between all the major formats. These include latitude and longitude, decimal degrees, degrees-minutes-seconds, degrees and decimal minutes, UTM, ARINC 424, and FMS. The app is especially useful for pilots on oceanic flights, where receiving coordinates in several different formats is common. Pilots can use GPS Coordinate Converter to convert data relayed by an air traffic controller to a format accepted by their flight computer.

The distance and bearing feature of GPS Coordinate Converter places both coordinates on a map, tracing a line between them showing the shortest route. The app naturally accounts for the curvature of the Earth. Initial distance and bearing is measured in several formats simultaneously: nautical miles, nautical miles UK, kilometers or statute miles. When an Internet connection is available, the app can even provide time zone and postal code data for coordinates.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of GPS Coordinate Converter is its smart keyboard, which is designed exclusively for working with geographic coordinates. The app understands and adapts to the context of different coordinate formats. Only the keys that make sense at each position are active, which prevents many common data entry errors. Should the user hit an inactive key, the app will suggest which type of entry should be made instead.

"Our specialized keyboard makes it easy to do the right thing and hard to do the wrong thing," remarks DeWeese. "And yes, copy and paste works, too."

Users can save and recall frequently used coordinates with GPS Coordinate Converter's bookmark feature. Coordinates are saved locally in any format rather than in the cloud, so network strength is never an issue. Users can re-arrange saved data to suit their needs. "Delete" and "Delete All" commands are also available.

A searchable database makes it quick and easy to find the coordinates of airports and navigation aids around the world. Complete postal addresses are provided when applicable. Database contents include not only airports, but also heliports, seaplane bases, VOR/VORTAC stations, NDB stations and DME stations.

GPS Coordinate Converter is only the latest app from Aviation Mobile Apps. Other public apps include METARs Aviation Weather, myE6B Aviation Calculator and Holding Pattern Computer. While pilots are the obvious target audience for GPS Coordinate Converter, the company envisions the app being useful in a wide range of applications.

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Aviation Mobile Apps is a provider of public apps for pilots and enterprise-grade mobile app development for the aviation industry. Apps for recreational and commercial pilots include myE6B, METARs, and Holding Pattern Computer. Learn more at http://www.aviationmobileapps.com/.

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