With an app from METARs.com, you will always know when it is good to fly!


Used by pilots in their pre-flight briefing, a METAR report contains pertinent information including winds, visibility, clouds, temperature and other observed weather conditions useful for flight planning.

METARs.com collects weather reports from a worldwide network of aviation weather stations and color codes them to the appropriate flight category and displays them in a calendar-style format, helping you to see trends at a glance.

“Our customers tell us they love how easy and convenient we make it to get METAR reports on their phone, smartwatch, and TV, but what they really want is a way to know if the weather is going to mess up their plans. Based on this customer insight, we updated our systems to include automation to monitor for changing weather conditions. Now, you can tell the app to notify you when your airport changes to VFR, or notify you if it is expected to switch to IFR within the next 12 hours, for example.” says Aviation Mobile Apps Founder William DeWeese.

Unique to the app is a robust alerting system, which monitors changing flight categories and notifies you based on alert conditions you choose. It also includes seven days of history, formatted to local time and since it looks like a calendar you already know how to use it.

Typical aviation weather reports are full of coded information that requires training and practice to read and understand, which is why new pilots will appreciate the plain language translation feature which strives to be easy to read, understand, and use. It avoids verbose, convoluted language and jargon so you can get to the heart of the METAR.

For more information, visit METARs.com or download the app on the Apple App Store.