New Video Introduces GPS Coordinate Converter for Pilots and Navigators

Easily work with map coordinates using this advanced GPS Coordinate Converter. It is perfect for converting geographic coordinate formats, and for measuring distance and bearing between coordinates.

Quickly convert between coordinate formats including latitude and longitude decimal degrees, degrees-minutes-seconds, degrees and decimal minutes, UTM, ARINC 424, and FMS style coordinates.

Measuring distance is quick and straightforward. The app measures distance and bearing between two coordinates by placing them on a map and tracing a line that follows the curvature of the Earth between them.

Displayed below the map is the calculated distance and bearing information as measured in nautical miles, nautical miles (UK), kilometers and statute miles. When an internet connection is available, time zone and postal address are also shown.

Our app makes working with coordinates easier than ever.  We included a new on-screen keyboard built specifically for working with geographic coordinates. This innovative smart keyboard will guide and help you avoid common data entry mistakes, and yes, copy and paste works too.

Looking up a coordinate no longer requires a separate app! We included a convenient onboard searchable database, useful for finding the coordinate of an airport, heliport, seaplane base, or radio navigation aid, including VOR, VORTAC, NDB, and DME stations.

This is the highest quality coordinate converter on the market today, plus it measures distance and bearing and includes a database, smart keyboard, bookmarks, and a built-in user guide!

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